Tumblr’ing the isotopes: hydrogen-2

Deuterium. Number two. The cool brother of Protium. Heavy hydrogen as it is called in some circles has nothing on the name Deuterium.

It has even been given a special symbol; D. So the alphabet nursing song in the home of the budding nuclear physicist will not disappoint when the need to explain the other D that is the intricate details of electric displacement fields no longer arises as we can always say:

D is for Deuterium

Deuterium has the nature of a rock but is gaseous to the touch. What does that tell us of rocks and other hard cases? We are all the same, but different in relation to the Kelvin.

Deuterium finds its home in tokamaks of quantum and fusion contradictionals. D2O, the stuff powering the Batcave has still not been whisked away by the Penguin as once was the idea of this evil avian of Gotham.

In spectral analysis it is red. Maybe evidence of the power within. Deuterium - an element not to be taken for nothing.

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