Elemental feelings: gold

Knox, Knox.

— Who’s there?

— Gold.

— Gold who?

— (silence)

You comprise the threads in the alchemist’s loom; looming over hours of toil and trouble. Riches untold await if your secret is revealed. Fool’s rush — I say.

Dr. Rutherford walked the golden brick road through your slit and reached the top of the field — eating and having your cake at the same time.

Useless they say. Symbolic value of great illusion and tradition. Electrical conductors, roofs or jewellery. But is it worth it? Certainly, 24 carats.

Somewhere over the rainbow you make pavements. Hopefully you will refuse to turn into a meteorological phenomena of disgusting property.

Rules, ratios, righteousness — they embody your spirit and divine nature. Your soft core will make other’s hard.

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